polyester threads, polyamide threads, viscose rayon, filament silk, natural silk, staple fibres, knitting yarns, synthetic materials, oriented towards twisting, twining, air shaping


One part of our productin programme are products, determined for small users - retail in the make up of small windings on tubes or in the form of yarns balls.

DARKA Threads of texturized polyester for fine maintenances of clothing and linens.
JARKA Thicker-stronger thread from texturized polyester yarn for strenghthening of jersey and products of them.
JESENKA Knitting yarn of hot-air-bulked nylon for strengthening of jersey.
DORIS Polyester effect-loop-yarn for knitting.
PENTA 75 Polyamide sewing threads.
DÍRKOVÉ HEDVÁBÍ  Sewing threads of natur silk for button hole.

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